Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Judging by the proliferation of literary festivals, you my dear reader are fascinated by writers’ lives. You like to shake our ink-stained palms, to get the literary gossip, to ask us strange questions. Maybe it’s because you know we’re strange – that the whys and wherefores of invisible people doing unspeakable things to other invisible people give us a kick. We decide that the Rev. Green murdered Mrs White in the pantry with the candlestick because she threatened to reveal his affair with Miss Scarlett at the Sunday mass.

If you’d like me to talk to your group about my own invisible people and my eclectic writing career, I’d love to be asked. I’ll read extracts from my books too. And if you want to practise some left-field questions before I arrive, here are some weird ones that writers have been asked in the past: Why aren’t you taller? Apple or orange – which is best? Where do you get your ideas from? Why is your nose so big? (Just kidding about the first two.)

If you’d like to book me to do an author talk and reading, please drop me a line.

Justina is an animated and very entertaining speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.Audience member
This is the first time I have been to an event such as this. I found it very entertaining on a subject I know nothing about. Justina is a lovely lady.Audience member
The material of the presentation was varied and wide-ranging. Insights into the career of a writer were well received, especially since Justina Hart’s delivery included much humour.Audience member
A very enjoyable and informative evening. Justina Hart gave a very interesting talk about her early life and career, then how her writing career evolved.Audience member



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