I love delighting audiences by performing my work and have read at many local, regional and national venues including:

  • book festivals: such as Hay Festival, Durham Book Festival and Birmingham Literature Festival
  • bookshops: including Waterstone’s in Birmingham and the Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green, London
  • libraries: among them the old Birmingham Library and the new Library of Birmingham
  • literature and art centres: such as the Free Word centre and the Art Workers’ Guild, both in London

I’m currently taking bookings for spring to autumn 2018. Please contact me if you’d like to book me to do a reading.


Thursday May 25 2017 at 7pm – Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, Wales – Realistic Utopias: imagining a world changed by climate – What can the worlds of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and drama contribute to how we understand and respond to climate change? Do humans respond to stories more than facts? The work stems from a project called Weatherfronts: climate change and the stories we tell. The pieces referenced here were commissioned by TippingPoint, Free Word and partners 2014-2016. Weatherfronts brought together writers and leading climate change experts to inspire new writing that would encourage people to act to help our environment. Book tickets (priced £7.30).

Sunday 30 April 2017 at 2pm –Llandeilo Literature Festival, Wales – Climate Change and the Stories We Tell – We hear many stories about climate change from scientists, economists and environmentalists. But what can the worlds of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and drama contribute to how we understand and respond to this complex issue? This event will explore the power of narrative in helping us come to terms with climate change and in formulating a positive response.



A note on the masthead picture: Reading a specially commissioned poem at the The Story Museum, Oxford, May 2014, as part of the 26 Characters exhibition.

You gave a tremendous performance!
Sophie Wardell, Programme Producer, Free Word
Justina has a clear and expressive voice which she uses to great effect. She is able to establish a good rapport with her audience.Jonathan Davidson, Chief Executive of Writing West Midlands
You’re a natural Performance poet Abe Gibson
Justina had a particularly relaxed manner and a wonderful speaking voice which made the reading particularly memorable.Audience member
The extract by the author was read very well and obviously her acting experience helped to make it very enjoyable.Audience member


Moon Garden

A Wire to Grief

Gingerbread Clive. A short Story



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