Other teachings

Other teachings

I specialise in helping those who are struggling with fears, blocks and under-confidence, whether they’re new to writing or have been scribbling for years. While I’ve worked as a writer in schools, helping fully fledged adults is what usually sends shivers to my toes.

In art as in life, I’ve found that light-heartedness and fun have helped me overcome many of my most difficult challenges. So my students have come to enjoy and expect a bucket or two of jubilacious nonsense that helps the tougher lessons sink in. My most popular online course, with its squirrel mascot, was called the Writing Romp … You’ll find anything that’s coming up in person or online posted here.

What’s coming up?

Oh socks, there’s nothing on the horizon – I’m working awfully hard on finishing my novel and have a hundred projects on the boil. But you might find one of the following exercises helpful:


Writing Club

Struggling with your longer or book-length project? Check out my Writing Club. I’ve created this exclusive online group to give you all the features that would have fast-tracked my own career.

I love your infectious enthusiasm for writing, which shines through in every post and daily exercise. The exercises have been inventive, stimulating and fun, and a great way to shake up normal writing patterns.Olivia Sprinkel, writer, photographer, creativist



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