Crossing the Bar

All night I have been tossed in this fearful storm. Dying unlawfully, me and my kind blacken and boil the seas, can quiet it at other times. With four stiffening fingers I am fighting the waves … It is so cold in the December sea that I have not much strength left to reach the shore … I went there last night, purpose steering a true course in my heart and my soul aflame, knowing that he would kill me and how it would be done … 

So begins my first novel, Crossing the Bar, a dark tale about two 30-something best friends from London who fight to save an English seaside town from an evil property developer. Along the way, they’re helped by a dismembered hand, a swearing septuagenarian, a horny Frenchman and a talking sheep … Meanwhile, as I finish the novel, I’m aided by copious mugs of green tea, Hi-Tecpoint red pens, and a phial of tears labelled ‘Aargh!’.

You’re an imaginative and distinctive writer.Kate Jones, ICM Books

If you’d like a free sample chapter, please pop your details below. I’ll let you know more when I have publishing news.

I’m currently seeking agent representation for Crossing the Bar (and have a track record with Kate Jones of ICM Books). Please send an enquiry using this form.

Proposed cover design by Carl Burness



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