Angels: Millennial Messengers

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Ends midnight on 31 January 2018

Angels: Millennial Messengers

‘Beautifully crafted and extremely well researched’ Radio 4

Angels are spiritual figures which move between heaven and earth carrying messages and looking after those in need. They appear in all the world’s major religions and have obsessed artists throughout the ages. In the Bible they were wingless figures who looked like men. Later, they became cuddly cherubs. Today they can appear in almost any form but must have beautiful white wings.

Angels have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. People from all walks of life report angelic encounters. Angels appear in everything from TV adverts to Hollywood films. What’s behind this trend and why do we need these spiritual figures in a more spiritual age? In Angels: Millennial Messengers, author Justina Hart and art group Seraphim spent two years using stunning, full-colour photography and matching texts to explore this phenomenon in semi-scientific style. Their imaginative findings will inform, delight and amaze.

As featured in: the Guardian, the Metro (London edition), the Times Educational Supplement, Time Out London, Radio 4, BBC1 and ITV
‘A book no home should be without’Best-selling angel author Glennyce Eckersley

Dimensions: W 28.5cm x H 24cm, soft back, front and back flaps 12 cm each, ISBN 0 9535779 0 2

Benefits of owning or giving Angels: millennial messengers:
  • Unique gift for art lovers
  • Enchants book lovers of all ages from 5 to 95
  • Offers a fascinating insight into angels through evocative photographs and text
  • A hit with angel obsessives and angel agnostics alike
  • Collectable first edition
  • Rare chance to own a limited edition print (only 50 books left out of 2,000 printed
  • Valuable signed copy (signed by me as the author plus by the designer)
  • Special offer of £15.99 for a signed copy (RRP £15.99 unsigned)
  • Free postage and packing until 31 January 2018 (usual cost of P&P £5.99)
  • Stunning full-colour photographs, many of them full page
  • Beautifully written, easy-to-absorb text based on two years of research and interviews
  • Turns the sophistication dial of your coffee table up to high



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